• Dog training for Developers - The basics: Stay

    24 out 2014

    Training a dog to stay can be a tough task, because your dog is used to following you. After you and your dog have mastered the sit command, train him to stay.

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  • Dog training for Developers - The basics: Sit

    11 out 2014

    "Sit" is probably one of the easiest commands to teach your dog. But, how to accomplish it? Run the following method during a few days, twice a day.

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  • Dog training for Developers - The basics: Come when called

    06 out 2014

    Your dog ignores when you call him? Well, you can help him understand that you would be glad if he came to you when you want.

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  • Azure SQL Database: Automatic Backups

    02 out 2014

    This week, I've found a new feature in Azure Management Portal that I wished at so many times.

    In July, Scott Guthrie announced the support for Automated SQL Database Exports.

    This is awesome because now we can forget the complex powershell scripts to achieve it. Now we can easily configure fully automated exports to a Storage account and, the best part of it, this is a built-in feature of Windows Azure Management Portal.

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  • Dog training for Developers - The basics: Recognize the name

    29 set 2014

    The name of your dog will be the most useful command that you will have. Your dog will need some training until recognize it, so I will leave here a method (coded in c#) of how to help him to accomplish that.

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  • Dog training for Developers - The basics

    21 set 2014

    Recently I've brought home a new puppy, named Feij√£o (the portuguese word for "bean"). Since then I've been reading to learn how to teach him some stuff.

    From this experience I've seen that the dog training technique has a kind of flow, like a software routine. So, I have decided to translate some of that tips into code and share with you. I think that this can be a funny way for a developer understand how to teach his dog.

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  • How to implement Getting Things Done with Trello

    08 set 2014

    Today I want to tell you about one of my favorites productivity methodologies and about one of my favorite tools. Why both? Because they can work perfectly side by side.

    The methodology? Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen. GTD is about clearing your mind and put everything you need to do in one place first. Collect, process, doing and keep track of it, are the key of GTD.

    The tool? Trello.com. Do you love Trello? If you don't, probably you didn't give him a try. What is Trello?

    "Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a proces"

    I bet that you can find on the web a ton of good articles that explain the beauty of Trello and how GTD can boost your productivity, but that isn't the purpose of this post. The objective here is to explain you how Trello and GTD can work beautifully side by side.

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  • Automate NuGet package creation using Grunt

    29 ago 2014

    Probably you are already using Grunt, to automate the tasks to build your application or library. In metro-bootstrap we are using Grunt to automate the build process, but until now there's a last step that we are doing manually: create the NuGet package for new releases, until today.

    How we automate the package build?

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  • metro-bootstrap released

    07 ago 2014

    Yesterday we released metro-bootstrap The new version brings the update to bootstrap 3.2.0 and some new configurations related to tiles.

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  • Have fun with Cortana

    31 jul 2014

    Have you heard about Cortana? If you are a proud owner of a Windows Phone, I bet you did.

    To the others, Cortana is like Siri, but for Windows Phone. One of the few things where iPhone was the first, since Windows Phone release (if you are an Apple fan, I bet that you want to leave your opinion, scroll down and leave a comment, but remember that this is just my humble opinion ☺ ).

    If you have a Windows Phone with 8.1 installed you can start using Cortana. I have been testing and I found some funny questions and another more useful.

    I leave a cool list below.

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